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Reason 3 and Ambience

Posted: Tue 10 Jan, 2006 1:31 am
by Guest
Is there anyone on this board that uses Reason 3 that can make sounds similar too 7614 or sounds similar in structure to the first Woob release or even Biosphere?
I am struggling with Reason and cannot seem to get satisfaction from it.
Does anyone know of good tutorial sites?

Thanks for any advice or comments

Posted: Tue 10 Jan, 2006 11:31 am
by chuckcogan
i use Reason 3.....
havnt really tryed to get the 76:14 vibe so i cant tell ya how to get it but
there are alot of tutorials out there....not necessarily on "ambience" but just neet production tricks and the likes :D

but the best tutorial you can find IMO is...."trial & error" :D
"the appliance of science" in full effect :D
just get your head & hands into it....and see what you come up with
thats my tutorial tip :D

Posted: Tue 10 Jan, 2006 12:01 pm
by mista guest
There's a piece in the Global article (within another thread in this section), where either Mark or Tom state that (at that time), all they really needed was a sampler and a good FX unit !
I think this pretty much sum's things up.
Off course, those two, and a bundle of ideas as well.
I know the sound you're looking for, Guest, and as Mr. Chuck also states, the purest way to attain it, is by trial and error.
If I was yourself, I'd try to look into samplers (if you haven't already), and get your head around them. Reason has the NNXT, which (to my understanding), is da'bomb !
There's also Kontakt out there too by Native Instruments, and a host of others, and a HUGE host of FX applications too.
I'd try to start with a good idea, and then with the sleeves rolled right-up, get tore into the NNXT and Reason's FX.