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Post by ben » Sat 14 May, 2005 10:18 am


As the guardian of Ian K's forum (and as the brother of Mr Middleton and friend of Mr Pritchard) - I will do what I can to make this place more habitable for its members.

In answer to the specific points:

Downloads - I would be happy to setup such an area - this machine has a spare 36Gb of space, so could easily accomodate such things. However, there are some pretty strict legal issues that would need to be adhered to. I am not sure I would have the time to moderate such downloads to prevent copyrighted material from being uploaded. Suggestions on suitable solutions would be welcome.

Stickies - no problem at all here. Just tell us what to stick.

Administration - again, would be happy to provide suitable administrative duties to those that wish invest the time into such tasks. (Currently just Ian an I). I would also reiterate Ian's remark that this site is currently unmoderated.

As I mentioned above, reloadonline is the work of Ian K. However, as Tom pointed out, it is also a fan site - so strictly speaking, the onus of having interesting and useful content lies with the rest of us.

Let's use this post as the basis of any other suggestions to bring the site in line with what we (the fans) want. If this means that I have to pull my finger out and get the discography updated, then I'll do that too... and if anyone knows of any lightweight open-source unix-based collaborative software for maintaining discographies, then let me know :). (Ben thinks he might just have to write a phpDisco® application).

Ben (now with a face).

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