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Post by mista guest » Fri 16 Jun, 2006 5:45 pm

Hi, Neil.
Well, I'm kinda with Chuck on this one.
I did indeed see this post when it originally got posted by yourself, but if truth be told, I had a shitload going on with my 'other life', out with reloadonline at the time.
I actually thought others would have picked-up on your offer for the second show, leaving me with a 'non-participant' with regards the post, but, things didn't quite work out like that I'm afraid, and as a result, you got left, kind of high and dry by us al on this one.
I'm sorry, Neil.
A lot of folk's have made a really cool effort to make things interesting around here. New members have contributed heaps over the last year or so, and yourself (Neil), and Mr. Hayhook are two just of the bat.
Definitely, as part of reloadonline, we should all be making a really cool effort to keep things going around here, and that also goes out to the two admins too. Where are you guys? I don't know if it's a summer thing, but the same kind of scenario happened last year. In a way however, this year is rather more questionable, as with all the new members joining (and there has been a lot of them over the last few months - excluding the dud's), it's kind of tricky, trying to fathom out in one's head, why at any given time, there's usually at least about 3 guests roaming these pages, and numerous members too, who for some reason, just always seem to look but not participate in any way around here.
It's not all about Mark & Tom; part of this website's heart is also set aside for it's members lives, as much as about the music.
Everybody wants to drop by, but no-one seems to be interested in posting, even just to say hi!
There's members on here from all walks of life, and from a lot of different corners of our globe. Why then, is there this aversion when it comes to saying hello?
Are people shy? Are people afraid of being heard? I'd really, really hope not.
None of us are perfect, and we all have something to say in this life.
But the one thing we do all have in common is a love of seriously good music.

Grab an avatar, show your face, and stand up and be heard.

It's absolutely awesome when this place is buzzing.


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Post by MissMultiFacet » Tue 20 Jun, 2006 11:30 pm

It would make whole lot more sense if there was a play list on here. Trying to work out where Tom might be playing is really hit and miss!!

Come on, make it e-z!!


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Post by chuckcogan » Wed 21 Jun, 2006 12:33 pm

yeah that would be a GOOD thing
that is something Ben, Tom & Mark would have to work on
seeing as thy are the once in the real know so to speak
but then again sometimes Ben is just as qlueless as to where Tom is playing as the rest of offence Ben ;)
you know we love what you do for this place mate :D
peace & respect
// chuck cogan

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