Track id, please..

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Steve Sole
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Track id, please..

Post by Steve Sole » Mon 24 Dec, 2012 3:25 am

Been after this for about 20 years.
Heard it once back in '92 on Colin Dale's Kiss show and never again until tonight.
Found this clip by looking through old Beltram releases on Discogs, and to my amazement, it's the same acid line from Ssubsonic Trance on Beltram Vol. 1.
I nearly wet myself when I heard it.
Proceeded to then do a Google search on acid line subsonic trance beltram sample and was directed to here: ... 0&p=949892
it took ages for me to load this page but it does in the end.
Does any soul out there know what this is.
This the last record I've been unable to find and it's been at the top of my list since 92.

Merry Christmas guys!
be a force for peace

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