a bunch of old tracks....

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a bunch of old tracks....

Post by chuckcogan » Sun 06 Apr, 2008 3:56 pm

so here i go again....pestering you lot with my old tracks hahaha :)
just borrowed a working MD player of a mate of mine....since mine died a few years ago
so i have managed to transfer a few tracks onto my pc for safekeeping heheeh

chuck cogan - make da jazz ride with me (1999)
opps sorry mark & tom...what have i sampled here then, amongst other things heheh :oops:
this still works, i think :)
might have made a mess with the drums though, makin em stereo an all....
but hey...you learn from your misstakes :)
oh and there are a few technical glitches on this one...
thy are on the original MD aswell, dont know what happened there

chuck cogan - made my own carnival (1999)
i think this might be the very first track i did with my Yamaha A3000 sampler...
it was released on the "Summer Breeze" EP on Trunkfunk Records back in 2000
together with my "Weakness Of Addiction" track and 2 other tracks from Gunnar Underground

chuck cogan - keep on (holdin' on) (1999)
my second release on soul brother in 2000..

chuck cogan - highly recommendable (97, 98 or 99, cant remember)
im not 100% this is from 98, might be 99 or 97 aswell
i know its before i got me a sampler
my influenses for tech oriented stuff have always been dave angel & funk d'void
i always hoped that would show...it might...it might not :)

chuck cogan - fresh faces (1998, i think)
not much to say about this...its ok

chuck cogan - shiver (1998, i think)
wooohoooo....casio rz-1 drum machine in effect :)
very driving track, that i still thinks works
not a masterpieace or anything...but still good for what it is
i still like it anyways :D

chuck cogan - just play that guitar (2000 unfinnised)
this track was never finnished, just recorded it on the MD with the old, mute & unmute tracks in the sequenser : )
what a cheesy title i gave this hahahah

chuck cogan - wanne be (2000 unfinnised)
another unfinnised track...samples, filters, samples & filters: )
oh and rick astley hahahah :shock:

chuck cogan - the reason (2000)
hahahah.... :D :D
well the sample is great anyways :)

chuck cogan - it's a dream (bob and earl slow jam style) (2000)
this version of "it's a dream" have not been heard before by anyone else but me...
just done for fun...cos i wanted to do something with this beautiful sample : )
the released version of "it's a dream" is a house track: http://www.discogs.com/release/9073
will update when i find more things i like to share with you lot :D

oh and here i go with the gearlist again :)
Yamaha A3000 (got it in 1999, so most tracks here dont use this)
Yamaha CS1X
E-MU ProteusFX
Akai SG01V Vintage Sound Module
Yamaha TQ5
Casio RZ-1
Voce - Electric Piano
Fostex - Model 350 Recording Mixer
Atari 1040STE
peace & respect
// chuck cogan

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