This year's favs

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This year's favs

Post by darlo » Mon 31 Dec, 2007 4:21 pm

As the year reaches it's end,I thought I would share my fave picks from music land

(In no order)
Overpowered - Roisin Murphy
My Downfall - Venetian Snares
Icky Thump - The White Stripes
Form & Function II - Photek
Sky Blue Sky - Wilco
Reset EP - Flying Lotus

Happy new year to y'all
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Re: This year's favs

Post by » Mon 31 Dec, 2007 11:35 pm

Burial - Untrue
The most stunning album I've heard in many a year. The Burial mix of Bloc Party's Where Is Home? for similar reasons... Burial combines the funk with timeless beauty. Many thanks to Mark P et al for the Burial recommendation.
And though I heartily second Blastik's comments re: Mr Middleton on another thread, St Ives Bay off Lifetracks... it's like a Clangers choir on Mogadon serenading the Soup Dragon in a desperate bid to steal the final bowl of broth.

And on that soup-related bombshell, I bid you farewell for 2007. Welcome back Steve! And a merry 2008 to all of us reloaders online....

Don't fake the funk - just feel it.

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Re: This year's favs

Post by Upaka » Tue 01 Jan, 2008 4:55 pm

In no order except for the first one, which is ultra everything.

Tetsu Inoue - Inland

Bola - Kroungrine
Silicon Scally - Bioroid
Jimi Tenor & Kabu Kabu - Joystone
Ulrich Schnauss - Goodbye
Adult. - Why Bother?
Manual - Lost Days, Open Skies And Streaming Tides
D'Arcangelo - Eksel
Inoue & Namlook - 2350 Broadway 4

Huh, now that I bothered to think about it, I was able to find quite a number of albums to my liking released this year. How strange, I'm normally so picky.


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Re: This year's favs

Post by hayhook » Tue 01 Jan, 2008 8:00 pm

in no order:

luke vibert: chicago detroit redruth
radiohead: in rainbows
thom yorke: eraser remixes
the national: boxer
arcade fire: neon bible
apparat: walls
future sound of london: archives 1-4 (technically not a "new release"?)

I see alot of my favs aren't in the electronic side of things hmmm
(of course all the mark/tom remasters are sitting in my heavy rotations list to make up for that?)

also gonaa dl that burial cd, it's on all the top 20 lists and comes well recommended from here...

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Re: This year's favs

Post by chuckcogan » Wed 02 Jan, 2008 10:36 pm

sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit.... (whose who watch "the wire" will get this hehehe) :wink:
guess i have to trow my hat in the pot aswell then
but my 2007 have mostly been about OLD stuff actually
cant say i have been all that "taken away" by anything special this year...not new stuff anyways
but i think i can come up with a few goodise i enjoyed listening to this past year

Cell - Live At Kumharas - Ibiza
was recorded 2006, but released 2007....only a digital release im sorry to say
and since its a live album not alltogether new material...
but, its one of the few album that have gone warm on my stereo this year
a truly gorgeous chill album, would have LOVED to be there in Ibiza when this was recorded
that would have been very nice me thinks :D

Future Sound Of London - Environments
the lost album so to speak, this album was mentioned in the liner notes of "lifeforms" as a amorphous androgynous album

and as hayhook mentioned
Future Sound Of London - From The Archives Vol. 1
Future Sound Of London - From The Archives Vol. 2
Future Sound Of London - From The Archives Vol. 3
Future Sound Of London - From The Archives Vol. 4

Joris Voorn - From A Deep Place
this kid knows his deep techno grooves :)
might be the only album you can technically call new i guess hehehe

David Morley - Ghosts
this is also an album filled with....not new material heheheh
recorded between 1990 and 2000
some great tracks on this....a real goodie i must say

and ofcourse
Tom Middleton - Lifetracks
also filled with...not so very new material heheh
but a highpoint of the year no less :D
peace & respect
// chuck cogan

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