Global Communication dj gig, ?

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Global Communication dj gig, ?

Post by 404 Object » Wed 21 Sep, 2005 4:20 pm

Anyone go to this gig at cargo in london last weekend? ... 6flyer.jpg

"a welcome return to the Remix Night is the Jedi Man himself Tom Middleton who, alongside Mark Pritchard are our very special guest DJs. They celebrate the re-release of their critically acclaimed seminal ambient album 76: 14 under their Global Communication moniker."

I missed the posssible xfm broadcast but I managed to capture some of the “highlights” that are a hosted on the leyline promotions flash based site. i stitched it back together in the correct order encoded it and uploaded it to here. ... 5.mp3.html
(same download procedure as before)

scroll down and select the free download option, wait for x amount of seconds then click on it.

is it same, same but different?

mista guest

Post by mista guest » Wed 21 Sep, 2005 7:56 pm

This is the first half of 76:14 ?
If it's not, then it sounds very much like it !
Are you sure this is different, 404 ?

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