obsel on mi nos

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obsel on mi nos

Post by Surrealist » Sun 04 Apr, 2004 3:20 pm

Can someone clear up a couple of things I have wondered about this track for, er, 11 years :

1) if you spell it backwards it says "son, i'm no lesbo" - is this coincidence?

2) was it really a tribute to one of the band's uncles who died?

Like a lot of people I got into this track through Mixmaster Morris' mix on "Mixmag Live Vol 9" - it's mixed into Vektor-Chill by Atom Heart and is probably the most blissfull bit of ambience I ever heard.

Oh, and hello all this is my first post etc etc

mark p


Post by mark p » Sun 04 Apr, 2004 9:08 pm

1) it is a coincidence,(funny though).it was a star trek reference.there was a original version that was more techno sounding that was recorded with another artist and as tom and myself ended up writing the whole track between us we decided to do a new version which turned out to be the one that came out.
2) i think it was written the week after tom found out about his uncle,so he dedicated it to him.


star trek

Post by abend » Sat 24 Sep, 2005 5:25 am

The Next Generation or the Original series?

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