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mista guest

please listen

Post by mista guest » Fri 12 Aug, 2005 4:17 am

I'm gonna cut to the chase on this one, people, and tell you that today, of all days, is a really hard one for myself to live through. I lost a friend of mine last Monday evening in a car accident, and amidst all the bullshit that life can sometimes throw one's way, on a day like today, I want to ask/plead, to every single one of you, to try your possible damndest, to wear seatbelts on your journeys.
I don't want this to seem like some kind of sycophantic nonsense, but please, PLEASE, believe me; you do not want to go through a day, like I have today.
I've just watched a family bury a son, a girlfriend bury the love of her life, and a friend say goodbye to someone they wished they'd spent, just that little more time with.

I know this is not normal protocol on these fine pages of reloadonline, but I'm kinda drunk, and also hoping mods/admin will understand what I'm saying here.

Your life is so precious, and short; please do all you can to live it.

P.S. The Netlag track is wonderfull, and belongs to a friend of mine who'll be sorely missed.

R.I.P. Francie.


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Post by ben » Fri 12 Aug, 2005 10:03 am

My deepest sympathy Mista Guest. It is at times like these that we realise how precious life really is.

I am sure fellow board members will join me in offering any support that we are able to.

Tragedy can spawn positive responses. Following the loss of our Uncle, Tom wrote the seminal Ob-selon Mi-nos. I hope that you can find some good during these times of sadness.


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Post by thewalker » Fri 12 Aug, 2005 12:27 pm

you words above will not be soon forgotten by me mista guest.

reading the end of the first paragraph sent a shiver down my spine.

and the addition of your normal "signature" drives the point home.

well done for trying to pull some positive effect out of this tragedy, teaching us to avoid a simmilar error.

thank you, for caring enough, i know this trait will be appreciated by those close to you even more.


Post by Guest » Sat 13 Aug, 2005 10:22 pm

Very sorry to hear that mista, my condolonces.

All the best.

Ian K

mista guest

Post by mista guest » Sun 14 Aug, 2005 1:57 am


I don't really know what to say; who does when loss comes knocking at one's door ?
One thing that's struck home, though, so abundantly clear, is just how much I love these pages. Off course, it's primarily because of my absolute fondness in (especially) Global Communication, but as time has moved us all on, I've also come to realize how much I love the chat, banded around all the members here (even in those crazy moments too) !
I think, what I'm trying to say, is a deep, deep, heartfelt 'thank you', to all of you, for taking the time in your lives, and letting me know, that in times like these, I'm not alone in all of this.
To Chuck, Ben, Ian, and especially 'thewalker' (you have no idea how much your words left me utterly speechless, Mr. walker); I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart.
It's been a rough few days, guys, it really, really has ! I wouldn't wish this on anyone. You go through life thinking that tomorrow is just going to be yet another day, even today, and then, all of a sudden - BANG !! You just never, ever know, what's around our corners. I guess, in thought, it's maybe just as well.
I wish each and every one of you, the happiest of moments in your long and prosperous lives, and will close this all up, with a few words, some guy gave to me a few years back.
Thank you, once more, your kindness is eternally appreciated.

Why are you here
Why am I with you
Have we been here before
You're with me now
In this life we race through
Then something shall say, no more
But where do we go
When numbers are called
As we see ourselves slowly rise
Through a tunnel I'm told, from various souls
Who swear with their very own eyes
That a place exists with no address
Called home to you and me
A magical place that's filled with love
And light for us all to see
Only this place is eternal, and absolute
I think it's a state of mind
Of all that we know, and all we do not
To our deaths that day, shall we find
That answer we seek
Deep in our hearts
Is this it, or is it all true
Does it really exist, as we're told from our starts
This place heaven, for me
And you

P.S. I've been thinking about this....a lot :wink:!

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Post by thewalker » Mon 15 Aug, 2005 8:13 am

more than a pleasure to help mrG

it WAS a good speechless i hope.

mista guest

Post by mista guest » Mon 15 Aug, 2005 9:48 am

I'm sorry; off course :) .

Have a great 7 days, and thanks again.

I'll dance at your wedding :wink: .

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