Greatest, biggest, baddest techno rekkids EVER !!

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mista guest

Greatest, biggest, baddest techno rekkids EVER !!

Post by mista guest » Wed 08 Jun, 2005 1:23 pm

From the old, to the noo'

1, SLAM - Positive Education (Soma); rock 'n' roll on da'dancefloor all night long. Andy Weatherall once said, and I quote "when all else fails, this is THE one you break the glass to get too".
2. Nav Katze - Crazy Dream, Reload (Retro 313 Future Memory Mix). The strings and the programming on this are just far too much for me sometimes. First heard it on Carl Craig's DJKicks thingy, but it's only on there for like 3 minutes or something, why, Mr. Craig is this so ?
3, The Mover - Frontal Sickness (R&S). Remember R&S records ? Man, they were the shit-kicking bomba of their day. The very first rekkid from R&S I ever heard, was Mentasm by Second Phase, with (I think) Vortex on the flip. But Frontal Sickness is just one of those rekkids that changes things a little bit for us all. I've never heard this in a club, but it flew out of our little hifi here more often than not, and still packs a mighty punch, deep in da belly. It'll make ya freaky-deeky all right !! This appears on the PCP e.p, along with the worldy famous "Mescalinum United - We Have Arrived', which Mr. Aphex done a rather extreme number on, and can also be found on 25 Mixes For Cash. But for me, Frontal Sickness is still the bozz !
4, The Martian - Stardancer (Red Planet). Ahh, The Martian. Where would life be without Stardancer ? If there's anyone out there who has never heard this before (kind of hard to believe), but there may well be a few of you, please go and get this ASAP. Personally, I think this is UR's finest moment, well 'Hi-tech Jazz' is there too, but for the soul purpose of this complete waste of time, I''m sticking to these guns, and shall say this is just the best of the best from detroit. The 909 in this is AMASING, the melody in this is INCREDIBLE, and memory of this will stay in your heart for absolute EVER and EVER and EVER, because it's got one of the best breakdown's in the history of anything. I LOVE THIS REKKID !
5, Dave Clarke - Wisdom To The Wise (Segma Remix, Re-load). I think, IMO, that this is probably the closest rekkid to touch on what techno is actually about. I know there is a common consensus that leans really heavily towards detroit, and a more melodic (soulfull) take on what techno should truly be, but for me, it was always about 'cutting edge' on the dancfloor, and music that just made your whole body open-up, and made your heart race because you never heard anything like this before. This rekkid just does that perfectly, and I'll bet any of you, that in 5/10 years down our lines, this, (in fact) ALL these records will still sound as good as ever before.
6, Maurizio - Domina (M). This little record has to be the absolute groover of all groovers. It kind of growels along with the most kick-ass base, and was one of the first to have that kind of 'dark room dubby' thang going on. It's so fecking simply done, but the effect is quite outstanding. To top it all, it grinds to a complete hault (about 2 third's in), and then changes into something completely different. There's a Carl Craig mix on the b, but IMHO, the origional is still, and will forever be - the best !

Got'damn, I love music !!

ian k
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Post by ian k » Wed 08 Jun, 2005 4:21 pm

I like '69 - Puntang', extremely rare Carl Craig track. Get it if you can!

mista guest

Post by mista guest » Wed 08 Jun, 2005 6:33 pm

Shit yeah !
....and what about Rushed, and Jam The Box ?

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Post by chuckcogan » Thu 09 Jun, 2005 10:16 pm

when it comes to techno there is no other track for me then:
Cari Lekebusch - De Sju Skenande Kompressorerna
now thats funky techno for ya :D
peace & respect
// chuck cogan

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