Happy New Year, and some thoughts prompted by the silence...

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Happy New Year, and some thoughts prompted by the silence...

Post by inky » Tue 04 Jan, 2011 5:21 pm

Hello and Happy New Year to you all.

It's been a bit quiet around here of late, which has started me thinking...

It's funny how pretty much the last post (or at least, bit of 'news') was the rather astonishing announcement about GC reforming. It all came a bit out of the blue. I for one am very excited. And I'm sure I'm not alone...

Funny how there's been no news though. Especially as there was a press conference. Or have I missed something? I know there will be concerts and DJing, but has anyone heard anything about the new music? Is it going to be a reunion of the ambient GC? Or something more eclectic?

Not that I mind either way (probably edging towards the ambient, but I'm sure whatever it will be, it'll be made with Tom and Mark's usual integrity and passion and I can't wait. Although I will, obviously...)

And of course this still leaves questions to be asked. What about the other projects: will the Reload album happen first? What about Africa Hitech? As for Tom, I remember a post about Lifetracks vol2? (I also hear Gliding is out in a couple of weeks, and apparently he's done a Liquatech remix for Bedrock...) Are Tom and Mark working together now, or is GC a future project? Is there a label involved? (that would affect a release date I'm sure...)

Anyway, I just wondered what anyone else thought...

I wish you all well for the coming year. As I do to Tom and Mark; make it a stormer guys!

But no pressure though, obviously.... :wink:

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Re: Happy New Year, and some thoughts prompted by the silence...

Post by cantosis » Sat 08 Jan, 2011 9:03 pm


I was thinking the same, I was surprised that nothing was posted about the press conference or what the actual plans for the year are.....dont know if you read the post a bit further down
ADE news.
Mark and I can confirm we'll be putting together a run of Global Communication live shows for Q3 2011.
Some will be seated concert performances of 76:14 , some will be live club/festival appearances and there will also be a few select back to back DJ appearances.

I'm working on forthcoming Liquatech remixes for Bedrock and Beardyman.

Robortom featuring Au Revoir Simone 'Paganini Rocks' out next week I believe on Sunday Best digitally...

Gliding out on Urbantorque early 2011..

And I'm working on a total immersion 4D sound experience..more info soon!"

For me I just want there to be some seated peformances of 76:14. I have been waiting 15 years for this to happen so I really hope it comes of because as far as I am aware they have never performed any of it live together. Its my favourite album, I got to go and to one of these shows.

Hopefully we will get some news in Feb as I saw on Marks myspace page that he was going some dj gigs in Jan in Oz once they are over maybe something will happen.

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