a fab day listening to the works of Tom and Mark

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a fab day listening to the works of Tom and Mark

Post by orangeandy » Wed 01 Dec, 2004 12:11 am

I've spent all of today listening to my collection of their tunes and have had the most fantastic day!!!
Fave (on the out there/moving your mind to another world factor) so far still has to be the classic remix of The Grid - Rollercoaster that is on their '96 Remotion album.

I'm still missing one tune that I can't get out of my head though - near the end of their set at the Big Chill '96 gala there was a stunning moment at the end where Tom/Mark announced... "Here's another new one from Global Communication that's out soon" and went into the most lovely D&B tune in my memory - though my memory goes rather sketchy at this point. ;) Don't suppose that anyone knows what I'm on about do they?

BTW.. I do this once in a while, spend the day listening to one artist/collectives works. Highly recommended for a wicked journey though a life so far. :)

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