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Banker boy

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Post by Banker boy » Mon 15 Nov, 2004 5:47 pm


Just thought I'd mention a couple of records that are kind of relevant; the first is on Rough Trade:

middleton, tom middleton's music £6.99
the bearded wonder turns in the mash up to end all mash ups
with one side blending daft punk,madonna,young mc and green
velvet while the other finds his own rubdown of blur's "song 2".

The other is also at the aforementioned shop:

mcm vs si spex | back again | 12 | £ 5.99 backed with Harmonic 33 tracks, tis on 33 Throwdown and I am reliably informed that purveyor of good vinyl in the formerly trendy district of Shoreditch (that'd be Smallfish) will be getting stock in this week...

I shall go back to twiddling my thumbs and waiting for Mr Herbert tonight.


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404 Object
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Post by 404 Object » Fri 03 Dec, 2004 12:58 pm

for the listener, the second one represents the best value. Mr P excels here on the b side, and he needs your money. the other one is dangerous :?

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Post by EdNaylor » Tue 14 Dec, 2004 10:13 pm

Just listened to these two alleged mash-ups on and they ain't the work of Mr Cosmos, I'm almost certain of it. I may buy them anyway to add to my burgeoning TM bootie collection.....

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