Transmissions Re-Press?

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Steve Sole
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Transmissions Re-Press?

Post by Steve Sole » Wed 16 Sep, 2020 2:36 pm

I'm thinking this will probably never happen, but a possible repress of maybe 500 or so, for those who didn't manage to get one first time around.
If the initial batch of 1000 sold out quickly, then it would appear another 500 would also be picked-up.
I'm looking at the prices on Discogs, and cannot believe how much people are asking - don't get me wrong, I've sold some stuff on Discogs for a lot of money, but they were pretty rare (one-off) items - this is just taking the mickey!
I also know a few people who didn't make it to the first batch.

It's kind of ironic that 'Global Communication' are only reaching a few well-off folk out there with this release - I know it's not Mark or Tom's fault, but it doesn't seem right - this release should be available for a good while, to really make sure everyone who would love a copy, get's one!

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Re: Transmissions Re-Press?

Post by jedi4q2 » Wed 23 Sep, 2020 5:47 am

Digital releases would help.

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