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The Archives EP

Sunday, March 30th, 1997


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Out of Print, but available for download at


Friday, June 23rd, 1995

A Collection of Remixes by Global Communication

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Available for download at

The Theory of Evolution

Wednesday, April 12th, 1995

A Compilation of Evolution Recordings Releases

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Available at

Visual Cortex [The Reload Re-difinition] – Schaft

Friday, October 21st, 1994

Reload Remixes

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Out of Print

Crazy Dream [Retro 313 Future Memory Remix] – Nav Katze

Wednesday, September 7th, 1994

Reload Remix of the mighty Nav Katze.  Turning Crazy Dream into the finest Detroit (313) state-of-the-art techno, this side of any motor-city.  Best listened to – very, very loud!

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Out of Print

A Collection of Short Stories

Thursday, November 18th, 1993


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Out of Print

On [Reload Remix] – Aphex Twin

Monday, November 15th, 1993

Reload Remix

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Available at

The Autoreload EP Volume 2

Friday, July 30th, 1993

Reload / Reload & E621

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Out of Print

The Cyberdon EP

Friday, January 1st, 1993

Mystic Institute [Reload Remixes]

The First appearance of the epic Ob-Selon Mi-Nos [Repainted by Global Communication] that is better known as 14:31 or “the grandfather clock track” from the 76:14 LP where it eventually appeared.

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Download at

Remastered and Re-Released in 2007.